Solutions for Education.

Education is the root of where PathFive began. Our community-driven culture started with our team working shoulder-to-shoulder with educators. And, it’s a culture that has allowed us to deliver simple, targeted solutions.

We’ve built a collection of amazing applications that reduce the communication gap between administration, teachers, students and parents. These tools empower and encourage sharing thoughts, ideas and information.

Your messaging.
On digital steroids.

Breeze: Website is a fresh approach to managing your online communication. One swift action lets you update your division website, all school websites or specific school sites. You can also target specific audiences like graduates, parents with kids on sports teams or social media.

Your message can get lost if it’s not clear, concise and consistent. Whether a teacher needs help designing their classroom page or your communication director is revamping the websites -- our team is there to help. And, your all-inclusive subscription keeps the focus on creativity instead of cost.

Cold weather
got you down?

That’s why we built Bus Routes. It’s the fastest way for drivers and route coordinators to keep students and parents informed. You can modify one route, collections of routes or all routes in seconds. Follow up stays simple by allowing setting route notices to expire after a certain period of time.

Meet parent.

Setting up parent-teacher meetings is simple with Interviews. Creating a schedule takes seconds and parents are able to book time with teachers online using their favourite device. Last minute schedule changes are quickly communicated to parents with a single click.

Placing substitutes
is was a pain.

Introducing Absence. Submitting absences and placing substitute teachers has never been easier. Save administration time by taking away the tedious process of finding subs and give substitutes advanced notice of positions. A simple workflow allows teachers, principals and human resources to coordinate to get available jobs out there. Substitutes can respond in seconds using a desktop, tablet or smartphone.