Recreation Management

All fun and no games.

Vantage: Recreation is a collection of applications designed to deliver an amazing experience for your administrative team and citizens. Online registration, booking facilities and managing memberships has never been faster, easier or more mobile friendly.

Simple design. Great experience.

Reduced screen size shouldn’t mean reduced functionality. We’ve packed all the power of our desktop experience in to smart phones, tablets and kiosks. Grab a tablet and try scheduling your next in-take on deck in a lounger. This experience is on us.

Pick up your favourite device and get started. No matter which one you choose you’ll discover the same simple, pleasurable experience.

  • We offer a great mobile experience
  • Mobile functionality matches desktop functionality

Everything you want.
What you didn’t know you need.

What happens when you mix a community of over 30 municipalities who are passionate about recreation management with a team of geeky designers and developers who love technology? You get something powerful and awe-inspiring.

  • Incredible event and program scheduling
  • Fast and easy facility bookings and rentals
  • Fees and discounts that are simple and easy to manage
  • Citizen registration that takes seconds
  • Waiting lists and great attendance tracking
  • Facility access controlled by QR codes -- just like the airport
  • A payment gateway with incredible rates
  • Intelligent event recommendation for citizens
  • Beautiful reports that are visual and integrated in the interface
  • Financial integration that will make accountants sing

Change is easy.

It takes the best technology backed by the right team. Our cloud-based platform was designed specifically for government. Say “good-bye” to long, expensive implementation cycles, server setups and licensing.

And, it’s not just unlimited support. We give your team one-on-one support. When your recreation team has a question or wants to request a new feature reaching our support, design and development team is easy.

  • Let us handle your migration
  • Our team is your team
  • We get excited about cooperative development
  • Vantage is a cloud-based system designed for government

Explore the applications.

Six applications that will help you revolutionize your recreation department.

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