What We Learned from Star Wars: The Force Awakens

Via kaleb@pathfive.ca

It’s been over a week now since Star Wars: The Force Awakens was finally available to enjoy at home. In the words of our favourite protocol droid - thank the maker!

Long story short, the bad guys built another Death Star. And, despite being bigger, more powerful and having a way cooler name than it’s predecessors – the plan failed – again.

This got me thinking.

We see a lot of Death Stars in our industry. Instead of planet-sized super weapons they take the form of legacy, one-size fits all software solutions. Solutions that are built to impress during procurement and by all accounts look like they can get the job done. Relying on their size and depth, they promise to fulfill every requirement with universe altering efficiency. However, upon closer inspection, we often find the same critical flaw. Planned in the vacuum space of boardrooms and developed behind closed doors -- they miss the point.

In contrast, we have The Resistance: a small team of rebel specialists, crackshots and outliers. Their methods are unorthodox, unexpected and leave some to ask “who are these scruffy looking nerf herders.” However, no matter the odds, they pull together, pull through and save the day. Looking beyond tradition and hierarchy they operate in a fluid environment, combining their expertise in whichever way the task at hand requires. Above all, they trust each other implicitly and work together to build themselves a better future.

We believe developing great software takes a rebel stance.

Our world moves too quickly for cumbersome, legacy solutions. It’s time to embrace development practices, implementations and products that are built to be fast, flexible and in touch with what’s most important -- the people that use them.

The Force Awakens, in addition to being an epic and beautifully nostalgic ride, showed us that we are on the right track. It reminded us that what, and most importantly, how we are building readily out-maneuvers the industry status quo. With the technical talent on our team and constant collaboration with those who call our community “home,” we’re working together to bring about great things.

Join us.

No Bothans were harmed in the writing of this article.