2016.07.28 - Release Notes

Via brad@pathfive.ca

We've been hard at work the last two months developing features for both municipalities and school divisions on the Vantage platform. Updates are made almost daily, but here's a quick review of changes since our last blog post.

New Features and Enhancements

  • Event Seating. Our system now supports the ability to sell seat tickets with flexible pricing options based on where people are assigned. Tickets generate an easily scanned QR code and appear on the customers receipts. These can be delivered by e-mail or by viewing their receipt following a transaction from their citizen profile.
  • Dynamic Properties. We now support facility-based and program-based dynamic properties that both administrators and customers can fill out. This allows you to collect far more detail as well as report information that is unique to programs and facilities.
  • Mobile App. We now have a mobile application that customers can download to receive news, notifications and transportation updates. Our team is still working on being able to customise the look and feel of the app on a per-municipality, per-school division or per-school basis and will be rolled out in a subsequent release.
  • Notifications. We happy to announce that Notifications is now in full production. You can quickly and easily communicate with customers based on both static subscription lists as well as dynamic lists that are generated based on specific conditions that you define (e.g. participation in a specific program or field trip).
  • Transportation. The Transportation app has been ported over from Breeze for Teachers along with a couple of exciting enhancements such as route auditing (e.g. what was the total down-time for that route this year?).
  • Finances. This new application allows you to make manual financial adjustments for both debit and credit prior to export to your financial system.
  • Facilities (Revision 2). This update greatly enhances large-scale multi-facility booking. It is now faster and easier to schedule multiple facilities for one booking request.
  • Reporting (Revision 2). We've added better reports for reconciling cash tills as well as a new instructor report that give an instructor all the key details they need before teaching a program.