2016.05.27 - Release Notes

Via brad@pathfive.ca

It's been a busy few weeks at PathFive on the development front for both Recreation Management and our educational services.

New Features and Enhancements

  • The Cash Register application now shows bookable facilities allowing for faster, easier and more consistent point of sale functionality
  • Programs now support age restrictions -- they can be based on program start or end dates (and can be trumped by administrators)
  • Programs now have a registration open and registration close date associated to them to offer greater flexibility in controlling enrolment dates
  • Programs now must be explicitly published before they will appear on your website (all existing programs were set to publish when the patch was rolled out to ensure consistent behaviour)
  • Facility application user interface has been adapted to be more consistent to other applications in the Vantage platform
  • Facility application now has booking options available here as well as under the Cash Register
  • Quick publish and expire buttons were added to the program user interface for faster, easier publishing and revoking of programs
  • We have introduced a new application called Transportation which allows you to manage transit routes (delays, defers, on-time)
  • The patron profile for citizens, parents and students has been greatly improved for better usability
  • We updated the program inheritance model to allow most program changes to be pushed down to nested programs (e.g. registration dates, thesholds, waiting list limits and age requirements)
  • We've made a number of improvements to our infrastructure and network to prepare for additional municipalities coming on board

Bug Fixes

  • Cash Register now properly renders all programs and events which a citizen should be able to register into and purchase
  • Memberships can be added to the Cash Register application for sale of memberships and punch passes as well as admission to facility
  • Event visibility on the calendar now behaves consistently with the use of the "Calendar Label" option under programs
  • Individual date adjustment control for facility booking has been fixed